There are days when the internet makes me want to scream as I fight for the ability to do things online. I think sometimes People think they should CONTROL others not only with money but also with threats, lack of education, and by refusing to address certain social issues. I still am not fond of people though as I teach my own children, there is little choice in the current world we live in other than tolerating those around us short of taking ourselves out of the scene. I have been with my current internet subscriber for a long time.

 I still do not believe in Gods. I believe in the human ability to screw up just about everything he/she touches. I do believe in energy. I believe in the trees and the air and the movement of the universe like a fine wond clock and you know what happens to a clock if you wind it up too tightly. The universe is the same way only it doesn't take drugs to chill it out.

Happy Monday

Each egg or molecule is designed to interact similarly and differently- none are 100% the same- if you think about people like eggs.. is it any wonder some are priceless and other are just shells? :)

Arg2you is the name of a company I thought of back in 1998 right before things went up down and all around for me. I have not sold anything under the name of VFL because it was more about being creative and attempting to make it through the last 20 odd years. I used to sell things on Ebay under the name wifenumberone, Grandma Woodalls store, for a short while- then I moved to a brick mortar store in 2003? I think and then after lots of hard work the gas prices went out the roof and I could no longer afford to keep a booth open- I moved closer to home and tried to hang on for six months but it was just a drain on me and so I shut it down. I learned from it. Now I am here just to keep in touch with those whom would like to know and also perhaps at some point actually sell some of the creative ideas and or things I have made over the last few years. I gave most of the paintings away- I have given many of the necklaces away too. I am still painting, playing with beads, clay, glass, metal, all sorts of materials- I still do what I do.

If I can help and or if there is something you would like for me to do you are welcome to contact me via email and or by phone however know I may or may not answer as it depends on where I am at the moment- if you leave a detailed message I will attempt to get back with you asap- my email will generate a reply automatically so make sure you put yola in the heading so I will have a better idea of where you found me. You might still beable to find me by phone or email. :) No promises on me responding.

I have left social media. My photos were acting strange I was tired of fighting with the systems. Sometimes you reach a point where you say enough. I will stop sharing the photos I take. I will stop taking photos with my camera and sharing them. NO PROBLEM. I still have cameras and can still take as many as I want. I still have camcorders and movie making things. So its not really an issue other than I will no longer be able to share them with anyone. Oh well. I guess it was all for me anyway and not really for you. Much like my business is not really about business but about having the ability to do if I so choose to. People make millions of dollars everyday doing things they do not like to do. I do not. I do not make any money but I love what I do. Which is more important? Money or Happiness?

As long as the bills are paid and even though I do not or can not buy everything I want, my needs are met and that's the bottom line.


updated June 26 2015

I still recommend this phone company for all your needs. Look them up.

use this code..126745024727 :)

This is where I have been the last year on and off.

This is the coffee I love..

This one has great products! :) yes I make soap but they actually sell it..

Wonderful service and love their products!

Where I buy my paints sometimes..

Where I find a lot of things I use..David and his wife are super nice people..

Where I have bought quite a few things and have wonderful people-


About VFL

VFL was an idea. The idea that while some say no child left behind, there are still many children which are. Some schools and educators want to put the children in to classes where they learn at a slower pace. This is not the correct way to handle it in my opinion. Each child learns differently and many of the children today can barely print and some schools are now not even teaching cursive writing.

The idea was that I would attempt to raise not money but the idea that there are other ways of teaching children to read. Money money money is what they say makes the world go round but I see money as a tool to use much like a car or a computer or anything else. I see people making things happen more than money. I could be wrong.

I am not really sure at this time what I am going to do with my site. Vases were and are fun for me however I am not great at selling as much as making. I am thinking about what I am going to do. Dont you love it when people brain storm?

 I still have the business license but have yet to really do anything with it other than pay taxes- lol I am no longer great at selling things though others are. I also do not make 500 of one thing.. lucky to get the one made sometimes ten.. If you want to buy something let me know- send me an email with the words Dragon Gate and I will consider it. :) lmao


Right now, I am working on jewelry, painting, metal works, silver clay, and a few other things. And some days I cook food..and take pictures.. :) Or go fishing- If you want me to make something or do something let me know- the phone number and email are still good.

Contact us now.

For the past several years I have been doing nothing really but attempting to learn about making different styles of art through online classes which I get no credit for other than the fact that I enjoy them and I learn new things not only about the arts but about myself.

I did attempt to go back to work a few times however I am not able to as my behavior, my reaction to other peoples actions are not always contained well.  

Everyone wants to sell you something but I don't because if I tried to sell you something I made then it would not be fun for me any more and it would be about making you happy because you would be my customer. It would not be about making something because its pretty but making it because you pay me to do so. It would be about money.

Money is what it takes for me to make the things I do as I have to buy the materials and I do not get them wholesale though sometimes I get discounts because I buy in bulk as I hate to spend more for little when I can buy more for less. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I am thinking still about what I am going to do. My husband wants me to sell my creative works, and I just like making things, while my son is having fun as a teenager, and my daughter has left the building.

I left Facebook last year because of my Cousins inability to have consideration for his family- I do not wish to find out that my grandmother has died online. I think if I did I would kill someone. Yet I have returned hopeful my wishes will be respected.

Sometimes the things we create continue on like Emerson and Shakespeare while other things disappear into the sea- I like to think regardless of where these things end up that at some point someone will enjoy them other than myself for what they are.

I have a lot more things I have created that I have not added in this gallery because I did not put them all into one nice neat file- and or because I felt like they were not really good enough for your attention. Not like any of these are either however this is a display of what I have been doing on and off over the last few years and continue to do so in 2016.

I still have the vases though the pencils have been used up by my son. I still have the roses and I still have the desire to create these. 

I hope you will consider my thoughts though fluffy as they are-

Can your children read? Can your children write? Can they do other things? Can they hold a hammer or a screwdriver? Do they know plants? Or Animals?

While I am not a teacher nor am I a computer guru nor am I really an artist per-say, I think its important that we consider these questions daily. I use games to teach my kids and I use art to express my feelings more than not. I enjoy all types of things and sometimes do more than I should and or less than I should depending on the subject. I am human.

I hold no degrees other than a simple highschool diploma from the 80s- And yet I still like to think that though I am a simpleton compared to many, I have value not only in my childrens' eyes but in the eyes of the world. Even without a sheet of paper-

I am not fond of people though at times I like conversation. I really like trees. I am not sure why.

Sailboats are nice too though a houseboat would be really really awesome don't you think? ..dreams.. what we are made of.

Dare to Dream and every once in a while put it in action

 Yes I am still alive-

 though I still have not figured out why.. guess we are all in the same boat trying to get out, yet the sharks are circling closer and we, of course, are all watching them thinking..hmm.. maybe I can tolerate these other "people" for a bit longer..rather than swim with sharks..:)

....where is my coffee><.. and while many would say toleration is not enough, for many it is at least a step in the right direction.

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